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In honor of National Bring Your Child to Work Day, I am the guest blogger today.
Here's what happened this morning: I got to skip school this morning (which made me really happy) and my Mom and I worked on her manuscript for her new book that she's writing. I helped her edit out all the passive writing. We also took out most of the adjectives she put in there because mostly everything had adjectives by it. Then at the end of the day, we drew the picture above. We took turns drawing different parts of the sea monster. I drew the sea monster's eyes, mouth and that weird poptart in a boat. Those of you lucky enough to participate in National Bring Your Child to Work Day probably had a great day like me
Peace Out! :P
Claire M
(P.S. My mom really gets mad when I post Owl City on my Facebook so I'm posting it here instead... ;) she also gets mad when i listen to it anywhere near her)


  1. This was fabulous, Claire. I enjoyed reading it and LOVE your drawing! I'm still deciding about Owl City, but I liked his room.

  2. yay claire! Nice day and nice drawing!
    But i'm with your mom about owl city.

    For Lisa:

  3. Sounds like a great work experience, Claire! Looks like you have the chops to be a writer/illustrator too, if you want to do that yourself someday...

  4. YAYA Claire! D can't play hookie, as it's April vacation here! I love your drawing,I thought your mom did it all, but it was a great surprise, there's another artist in the family! Hope you had a great day!