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bologna, italy

It's that time of year again. Among other summer projects, I'm getting ready for the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2013. This is a little sneak preview of the project I'm submitting. Five paintings due typically around September. This book is about, well, I'm actually not going to give it away just yet....I'll just hint that it was inspired while working in the school kitchen at the tail end of summer last year. I studied these little guys a lot. zzzz!

how a picture book is made

a video meant to entertain...and only one facet of how the industry works. for better viewing please watch on YouTube.

happy new year!

Can't believe so much time has passed since my last posting....
My Summer was busy with moving, the Fall busy with my day job and settling into a new routine. This winter I was blessed with good friends and family who helped me get back on track. So here's to 2012, clink! May it be healthy, happy and wise for you all. Better yet, full of hope and dreams come true!