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go oscar!

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill just purchased the rights to reprint Super Oscar for their Treasures Reading Program for both the California and Texas school systems. This is one of those books, I resigned to being a sleeper, so to have this happen is very exhilarating, in fact, I cried. It's on my dream list of "things I'd like to see happen to my books" --- just below "selling the movie rights" and one notch above "finding a copy of my book face out in the store, not by me". Looking at the contract, the number of reprints is staggering. We're talking over 275,000 copies in print alone, not to mention the digital and transparency media. Granted, they will be educational re-prints, but still!!! I may see a royalty yet.

So my humble advice to all my fellow author/illustrator friends: Don't ever give up. Hey, I think that will be my letter to Gabrielle (another post on that coming soon)....

scarletta: the not-so-famous pig opera

I feel like I've been talking about this project since forever- it's actually been about 8 years. I committed myself to it when I was interviewed for the "Something About the Author" series. It was listed as a work in progress. Just now, I finished the last sketch. Don't get too excited though, it's only just made it to my agent's desk. She's been waiting patiently for about a year for me to revise it and put together a partial dummy. It feels really good to finally have it off my desk so I can move on to my other projects, and bonus, you won't hear another peep from me about pigs & least until I have news to share. Good night Scarletta!