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kitty gas!

My contribution art to support a really wonderful and funny scratch N sniff picture book project by my good friend Bryan Ballinger at Kickstarter!

animal gas

Hey all! please check out this fun "kickstarter" project by a really talented and inspiring friend of mine, Bryan Ballinger. I'm sharing it with you because its a book that needs to be done, a subject that is a staple around my house and many others. The deadline is drawing near, and even a small pledge will make a difference. All the pledge levels are easy and come with an awesome gift. How you can you pass up a faux fart ringtone? I know I can't! Just go look...


Seems like forever since this project (and my last post!) written by my friend Hope Vestergaard was proposed to me by our then agent Anna. It's a special project that deserved the best in me, which was a tough dig through my soul consuming day job fog. Hope & I are breaking traditional submission rules to get her out there. And yes, the very things I made fun of newbies for, when I thought I knew it all. Humble pie anyone? But despite it all, Birdie has finally wrapped her way around my heart, up to the surface and now she's ready to fly! I'm so in love with her...