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This is my daughter in the KUER (Salt Lake City) studio talking with Melissa Block from NPR's All Things Considered. She is a contributor in a book called "Dear President Obama: Letters of Hope From Children Across America". No matter what side of the aisle you're on, these letters are an excellent example of how all our children feel about the state of their world, and know they have a right to speak up. To hear the broadcast, click here.

And congratulations to my daughter for shining brighter than her parents!


One of the really cool things about being an author is that it gets you entrance into some very unique places for research. I recently was given access to the underground tunnels at a local Jr. High School. It was kind of impromptu so I only had sandals on which limited where I could climb or crawl, but what I got to see was pretty interesting! The staff that works at the school tell me stories, one in particular of an unexplained dark figure that walks into the art room in the early morning hours and voices in the gym when the building is locked up tight. While my book in progress is not about ghosts, it is a dark & sinister story.The tunnels inspired a lot of material and depth (get it?) to the plot. Thanks Mike for the tour!