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In honor of National Bring Your Child to Work Day, I am the guest blogger today.
Here's what happened this morning: I got to skip school this morning (which made me really happy) and my Mom and I worked on her manuscript for her new book that she's writing. I helped her edit out all the passive writing. We also took out most of the adjectives she put in there because mostly everything had adjectives by it. Then at the end of the day, we drew the picture above. We took turns drawing different parts of the sea monster. I drew the sea monster's eyes, mouth and that weird poptart in a boat. Those of you lucky enough to participate in National Bring Your Child to Work Day probably had a great day like me
Peace Out! :P
Claire M
(P.S. My mom really gets mad when I post Owl City on my Facebook so I'm posting it here instead... ;) she also gets mad when i listen to it anywhere near her)

study in sea monsters #1

While researching sea monsters for my opera (yes, still working on it), I decided that I really wanted to draw a giant octopus, mostly because of the lines. The delicate dangerous curves of the Kraken it turns out. Funny how stuff works it's way into your head. I have to laugh when I hear the clip from the new Clash of the Titans, "Release the Kraken!". That Kraken is really horrifying. My sea monster research took me all over the place from Norse mythology to Celtic folktales. I think I'm enjoying the research a little too much. Now I just have to figure out how to fit my sea monster into the drama...