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Finally got my Etsy store The Scarlet Pig up and running. I put together (still working on it) a selection of book art and original illustrations. This summer I'll be working on a series of opera bags and a few other fun things related to my children's books. Please be sure to check in with my shop from time to time so you don't miss a thing. All pieces will be unique and a limited run. Once they're gone, they're gone...thanks!

birch lane elementary rocks!

These kids got brains. In a recent letter to the editor, the students made it clear that they love picture books despite what the adults and a recent article in the New York Times say is the new trend. Without putting words in their mouths, please read the full article here. They really made my day and my career worth it. Thanks Birch Lane Elementary!

Please visit and like the facebook page started and supported by a community of children's book authors & illustrators who want to send the love back to the students for speaking up, thanks!